dimanche 24 avril 2011

Deceiving what happened today

My beloved horse is called” batteur”, the most quit horse in the stable, a little a bit aged, but so so sensitive. I discovered that great sensitivity since my first meeting with him, his immediate strange escape when I fell down akin to other few novice trainees, the poor, it was like he felt guilty.
So Excited and in my highest spirits, I was carrying around the square slowly, I was trying as much as I can to avoid his gallops, I am not yet used to otherwise I turn into an out of control body.
The trainer was cautiously watching me out, alerted, shouting blames triple in a while, but supporting once in a while. Unexpectedly as usual, the director of the club came to check out the course. He saw me from afar, but his looks were wicked, I swear I felt it. Then he called my trainer.
My trainer left me alone, hell, I felt unconfident. I was anxious...No body watching me..
A quarter-hour, this rude colonel took with my trainer and left. The latter finally appeared, I saw him coming I breathed a sigh of relief...He came back but vexed?! What happened I asked. He said disgracefully that his boss doesn’t like my scarf! And I should uproot it to attend the riding course.
I was shocked, I started telling him off with four heads and four voices, how come he hell dares it! In such current circumstances? How come he has no fear but proud to say it? Certainly I can’t find only two explanations:
Either he is a stupid extremist, unconsciously and without vision , he gives irrational orders... Or, he needs to leave his work but he is unable yet enforced to stay, so he is so intelligent using this way, to topple him out? And then to leave him in peace??